Calling Out Controversy Podcast Discussion

Local Everywhere Interview


AllExitsClosed Interview


"70 Dollars And A Dream" Interview This was my first interview of the campaign trail recorded during a climate protests outside Congressmember Paul Tonko's Albany office. The Sanctuary for Independent Media, through its team of volunteer journalists has done an incredible job of discovering things to cover locally overlooked by the large newspapers and TV stations in the area. It can be said that our campaign was one such discovery!

Sanctuary For Independent Media Interview


Altamont Enterprise Letter To The Editor: Vote For Change Over The Status Quo


3 Lefts Show Interview I admit, I was a bit intimidated to do my first long form podcast with an interviewer who is so far to the left he called his show the "3 Lefts Show". Fortunately, it went really well and we agreed on far more than we disagreed on!

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The Black Community Podcast Interview This was my second long form podcast interview. It was an honor to be interviewed by Tyrell Hughes and to have the space and time to tell my story and the story of what I want to see in our country.

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